Bite transforms oral care with eco-friendly toothpaste tablets, eliminating plastic waste and harmful ingredients. Founded by Lindsay McCormick, Bite combines sustainability and effectiveness, proving that small daily changes can significantly impact our health and the environment.

The Outcome

Creating the website for Bite was a fulfilling project that allowed us to highlight their innovative and eco-friendly approach to oral care. We designed a clean, user-friendly site that emphasizes Bite’s commitment to sustainability and effective dental hygiene. By showcasing their journey from a living room startup to a Shark Tank success, we crafted a narrative that resonates with eco-conscious consumers. The website features engaging content, vibrant imagery, and seamless navigation, reflecting Bite's mission to make a positive environmental impact while providing high-quality dental products.

“Richsmokes perfectly captured our brand's mission and ethos. Their creativity and attention to detail brought our vision to life. We're thrilled with our new website and its impact!”

Lindsay McCormickCEO & Founder of Bite